Welcome to erb

erb is a cannabis hub for producers, processors, and retailers for sales, inventory, and marketing. We are thought-leaders and educators - creating a curriculum for each aspect of the industry.​ We are equally invested in our partner’s success. Your success is our success.

Our Services

Producing | Farming

We are farmers first, the industry wouldn't exist without quality, organic, tested product. With our team, any Producer can bring product to process into 9 SKUs, build their Brand, market, and advertise their Brand, manage sales / inventory / revenue / projections.

Processing | Plant Manufacturing

Producers & Processors can come to us, we consult on processes and methodology, and find store-placement for our partners, we also educate and hire in the key industry verticals. We process - Ice Hash, Live Resin, Live Rosin, Pre-Rolls, Infused Pre-Rolls, THCa, Edibles(v), Beverages, Topicals.


Our dispensaries network receives your high-quality products on a timely and consistent basis, and we stock our shelves with our partner's weed. Erb is building a first of its kind cannabis curriculum focused on all aspects of the cannabis industry (horticulture, processing, dispensing, experiences).

What our customers say about erb

Agata Shear

"The experience is consistently good, I know what I'm getting, and I know how it's going to feel."

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David Warren

I just want to smoke all of this fire stuff. Absolutely wonderful. Great quality!"

Betty Johnson
Cancer Fighter

I'm miserable after my roughly once a week chemotherapy. After trying conventional medicine for a few months, I decided to give Jah-Goo a try. It helped me feel and sleep better. Thank you!"

Lauren Montegro

I fell in love with Nobyl. It gives me a great boost of creativity when I dive into painting. It also puts me in a good headspace every time!"

Jermaine Clark

My personal favorite is Pineapple Express. Don't take my word for it, try it!"

Allen Clark

Long story, but you have to try Jah-Goo!
Relax at its finest."